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Allchem is a member of the Program for Responsible Environmental Protection (PCRMA) of the Urguayan Chemical Industry Association (ASIQUR), which promotes continuous improvement in areas related to health, safety and the environment. For this purpose, the company has implemented an employee training program along with a strategy to work together with customers and stakeholders for improving operations and safe product handling and use.

The company has achieved the highest qualifications in periodic external audits carried out by competent organisms.

Operations have been effectively designed and developed towards recycling and reusing all liquid effluents. As a result, liquid effluents from the mil are almost null.


Allchem considers occupational health and industrial safety to be a series of multidisciplinary activities aimed to improving and preserving employees’ health seeking high physical, mental and social performance in the different activities.

A suitable working environment is accomplished by performing periodic assessment and follow up of workplace safety and health conditions and undertaking activities for preventive healthcare, hygiene and industrial safety.

Allchem’s members of the board have the firm commitment to support environmental care and occupational health and industrial safety preservation.

Allchem’s top management is strongly committed to protect the environment and to preserve occupational health and safety.



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